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Ceramic pans

Here at Ecopan Australia our mission is to get people to thinking greener and cooking cleaner

We want people enjoying the food they cook daily on kitchenware that is functional, safe and durable BUT most importantly is made responsibly

Born from our parent company in Indonesia where the first kitchenware plant fired up in 1967

Ecopan is simple, cookware that is eco-friendly , free of any PFTE, PFOA & water-based ceramic coated interior

............in other words our cookware is friendlier to our environment due to smaller CO2 output

 Our entire collection made from Ceranon®, a ceramic non-stick coating with no heavy metals used in the production

Developed for the environmentally aware to reduce your carbon footprint's one cook at a time

ECOPAN, everyday cookware for the environmentally conscious..............and everyone else!  


For more information, please contact Ecopan Australia on (03) 9755 6600


email :  sales@ecopanaustralia.com.au


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