I have been using my Ecopan cookware constantly for over 18 months. I have the saucepan and frying pan and find it exceptional cookware. It is quality cookware that is a pleasure to use and very easy to clean.
- Karen 

I recently received an Ecopan Dutch Oven for my birthday - the giver knows I like to cook!
It's a delight to use - cooks evenly - & it's good to know I'm not adding toxins to my food.
The best bit comes after use - I live in a small flat, with no dishwasher. The Ecopan is so easy to clean - nothing sticks to it!
Thanks for distributing such a great product - will be replacing all my pans with Ecopans over time.
Yours, Graham

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Ecopans – freshly picked asparagus with loads of garlic and touch of salt and olive oil.   I love the Ceranon coating, I only needed very little oil and it was easy to clean.  However, for me a BIG BIG PLUS is that they are all stable on the stove top.

- Christine

I don't think I have ever had a wok, like this wok - absolutely nothing sticks and it heats so quickly - it's light to use and fun!

- Elizabeth

Absolutely love my Ecopan! Great quality, easy to clean and cooks well.

- James

My Ecopan is heavy and solid and yet nothing sticks at all. It creates the best omelettes. Highly recommend.

- Michelle